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NO LOAN! Employer willing to give testimonial.

Kusmiyati is a TRANSFER Indonesian maid.
She is 27 years old and married with 2 children.
She has experience working in Saudi as a housemaid for 5 years.
She is from Central Java, Pati.

Speaks English.

She has worked in Singapore for about 9 months.
Looked after Ah Ma. (Just passed away)
Bath, change, feed medicine, bring for walks.
Able to cook Chinese food.
Steam fish, grilled fish, lamb with mustard, soup, stir fry veg & etc.
Looked after another Ah Ma - passed away. (Employer willing to give testimonial.)

Wants to look after Children.
She is able to do general household chores, cooking and looking after children.
She wants to work in Singapore to support her family.
She is willing to learn from her employers and complete her contract.

Face to face, Skype & Telephone interviews available.

Married (35)
Ref: TRR_SS005
Upd on 23-Oct-16

Employer willing to give testimonial.

Ana is an experienced maid.
She is 36 years old and married with 2 children.
Cheerful & hardworking lady.

Speaks English well.

She has worked in a 3 storey landed house.
Able to handle househod chores well.

Has experience looking after elderly.
Wants to look after elderly.

Can cook Chinese & Indonesian dishes.
Keen to learn other dishes.
Able to handle pork.

1 off day a month.
Face to face, Skype & telephone interviews are available.

Married (35)
Ref: TRR_151
Upd on 21-Oct-16
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