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Immediate Transfer!
1 Month Loan ONLY.

Juwariyah is an expereinced maid.
She is 45 years old and married with a child.
Hardworking and matured lady.

Able to speak basic Mandarin.

Worked with a Chinese Employer for about 9 months.
She cooked Chinese dishes, handle household chores & eldercare.

She has worked in Taiwan, Arab Saudi & Singapore before.
Worked in 2 storey house, 1 storey house & flats.
Able to handle all general household chores.

Can cook Indonesian, Arabic & Chinese dishes.
Able to follow recipes.

Has looked after children.
Willing to look after children & elderly.

Able to speak basic English & Chinese.
Willing to learn from her employers and complete contract.

No HP & No Off days.
Skype & telephone interviews available.

Married (46)
Ref: TRR_SS065
Upd on 05-Dec-16

PASSPORT READY! Immediate Arrival.

Siti Maisaroh is a fresh Indonesian helper.
She is 40 years old and married with 2 children.
Matured and responsible lady.

Able to speak English, Mandarin & basic Cantonese.

Has worked in HongKong & Taiwan for 4 years.
Worked with Chinese employers.
Able to handle household chores.

Looked after 4 months old twins in HK.
Able to handle children & infants.
Looked after elderly in Taiwan.
Able to look after elderly.

Able to cook Indonesian & Chinese dishes.
Fried rice, stir fry veg, fried chicken, soup, steam fish/chicken/egg/toufu, rendang & etc.
Keen to learn local dishes.
Able to handle pork.

No HP & No Off days.
Skype & Telephone interviews are available.

Married (40)
Ref: NBD044
Upd on 05-Dec-16
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