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Maid Agency: Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd
Type: Ex Singapore

Russel Mejica Baril is a Transfer EXSG Filipino FDW.
She is 52 years old and married.
She also have children 23years old and 28 years old.
She's the number 2 of 5 siblings.

She has experience working in Singapore for 17 years.
Her 1st experience was in 1992-1994, she served a Korean family staying in condominium do general housework.

For the second employer, she work with family of 4 for 14years.
She help assist in cooking, general house work, washing and marketing as well.

For her third employment she served only her employer 1 person staying in 2 storey landed house. She does general house work, gardening, washing and also assist in cooking.

She can cook Filipino & vegetarian food.
Able to read recipe books and follow it.

She has experience cooking vegetarian Chinese food.
Willing to look after children, infant and elderly.

Afraid of dog but not cat.

Video & Telephone interviews are available.

Single (53)
Ref: TR003
Upd on 30-Nov-21
Maid Agency: Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd
Type: New
Rest Day Pref.: 1 rest days per month
Shaine Lyka Joy is a Fresh Filipino FDW.
She is 24 years old and separated.
She have 2 sons age 7 and 2 years old.
She is the eldest among 6 siblings.

Shaine has experience working in Philippines for 3 years from 2015-2018.
Employer stays in and Bungalow house in Ilocos Sur, with 4 bedroom and 3 bathroom. She served 6 people, Sir, Ma'am, Ahma, 3 children age 18yo (G), 12yo (G) & 8yo (B).
She do general housework, marketing, cooking, ironing, washing clothes, send & fetch the 8yo boy to his school. She also prepare all his needs.
There are 2 helpers in employer house, and they are sharing jobscope.

She can cook Filipino & simple Western dishes like spaghetti, pasta.
She is willing to learn local dishes.

She has experience looking after her own children.
Manage to take care employer's child.
Willing to look after children, infant and elderly.

Not afraid of dog & cat.

Video & Telephone interviews are available.

Separated (24)
Ref: DE20211001
Upd on 13-Oct-21
Maid Agency: Unistarr Employment Pte Ltd
Type: New

Joy Castor Nemenzo is an experienced Filipino FDW.
She is 29 years old and single.
She is the eldest in 3 siblings.

She worked in Oman for 2 years and 2 months as a housemaid from May 2018- July 2020. The employer lived in a bungalow 2 storey house with 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. She serves 6 people, Ma'am, Sir and 4 children 13, 8, 6 & 2 years old(childrens age when she leave employer house). She shower them, change clothes, change diapers, feed, give milk, put to sleep and play with the children
Helping in housework, assist cooking, washing, ironing. Her main priority is to take care of the child.

Able to handle household chores.

Able to cook Filipino dishes.
Can cook Western food like spaghetti, pizza, steamed chicken etc.
Keen and willing to learn new local dishes.

Experience taking care of employer's children.
Able to look after elderly.
Willing to take care children.

Not afraid of dogs.

Video & Telephone interviews are available.

Single (29)
Ref: DE20210901
Upd on 11-Sep-21
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